Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Low-Level Astral Diamond Farming [Video]

In Neverwinter there are no repair bills and so most players will not see many, if any, expenses in their first few levels. The first "big purchase" players will be faced with is buying their mount for 5g at level 20. Often players will have between 2 and 3 gold at this point. The good news is higher level players who wish to turn their gold into Astral Diamonds will buy mounts from the vendor and put them on the Auction House.

So now the goal becomes earning enough Astral Diamonds (About 14-17k on most days) to buy a mount from the Auction House. Luckily this can be done in less than half an hour on even a low level character. How? Watch and see!


  1. hey nice blog and very lovely post :) i really enjoyed especialy this video, im sitting at 3 gold and now thanks to you i just found the horses at auction at 10k astral and i actualy have 11 in my account :D so THANKS :)

  2. Hi Faid, this is a very nice blog you've got, (subscribed btw :) ) I have some additional info for you on this one: first if you go North after the last thievery kit (towards x15 on your map) and then make a right turn, you find a secret Dungeoneering way past a big Ogre , there you find a nature node and a loot chest, also if you go as far North as you can, passing the trail, you find Another dungeoneering node. (BUT if you swap map there, you will end up at the start camp). Another thing is, if you do this on later levels you have to remember that the Ident kit should be the lesser kind so you don't waste your more expensive ones. sry for the wall of text :). keep up the good work.

  3. I haven't played in a while, but what items are you selling off at the AH to generate the Diamonds? What sorts of prices are fair?

    Nice video otherwise.

  4. I'd say at this point this guide is a tad obsolete. Prices @ AH are way dropped down on what you get out of chests and profession nodes. I did this whole thing 3 times during profession events and got a total of 2.5k AD out of the whole deal. AND I waited for 2 days until (almost) everything sold out on AH. By that time I was already level 30, farmed AD from daily quests and got a mount for 5k AD.

    Thank you for the effort of taking your own time doing this though! It was a nice experience trying out the farm

  5. Hey I went through the whole route but I'm confused on how you actually get the Astral Diamonds please help